Analysis leads the way. We determine requirements through research and business analysis. Then we assess strategic options to optimally address the challenge. Nailing down these starting points, we deliver detailed business and technical requirements as guideposts for next steps. We let the nature of the project drive which documentation is required to fit its needs keeping our process both comprehensive and lean.


Time to make plans. Using what we’ve learned in discovery, the challenge is understood and the strategy we devise to take it on is then put into terms. Regardless of project type, the experience is audited and then architected. For some projects, the content, personas and user experience are clarified. There are a wide variety of details we may need and they’re plugged in as required into user and task flows, content matrices, technical architecture and other defining artifacts and documents to create an all-inclusive plan that we follow with our clients.


Give it all shape. We next design it technically and visually with information architectures and wireframes. The mix of front-end design and back end coding varies broadly but we account for it all making sure every detail is kept in check. Given project requirements, user experience design and visual design are created and facets like tone, function, content, and testing steps are all accounted for in our process. Images are optimized and graphical elements are created. Elegant designs and elaborate data and code schemas are finalized to provide both color and structure for the solution.


Make the magic happen. We select paramount coding solutions for development. Our team codes front end, back end, and integration with other services to gracefully bring the solution to life. Content is loaded, data is connected and metadata added. Following the test plan, QA is performed to assure functionality, appearance and speed. Finally, a carefully selected user base does acceptance testing.


Launch with confidence. When our solutions go live, we’re ready to learn. We specialize in releasing what we develop with change management. As soon as we go live, we capture feedback immediately and maintain our change management process until we’ve fine-tuned the solution. Key stakeholders are trained and we provide support with one thing in mind: continuously learning and optimizing the solution for its users.

It is this last step that is really the first step of the next version. Our clients and their businesses are dynamic so we match their conditions with our process. Analytics flow and we learn. User feedback tells us even more. This combined knowledge guides and informs refinements and iterations over time. That is how we squeeze the most performance out of every solution…every time.